Pro-tips for Decorating Your Small Space For The Holidays

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If you’re like me, when the Holidays come around, you move your furniture all over the place trying desperately to fit a full size Christmas tree into the family room. There are times when this is okay, but then there are times when this is just impractical. Here are some great space saving ideas for the times when  full size tree is just too impractical.

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Tabletop Christmas trees.

Tabletop Tree with bows and thin garland.


A few pine tree branches in a single vase = elegant and charming


Multiple vases with pine tree branches with lightweight ornaments.

Using a tabletop tree gives you the height you need to fill the space without using vital floor space.  Don’t think Charlie Brown Christmas tree, think elegant, natural, or unexpected! Using natural potted trees, or even an artificial tree in an urn or pot can make a small tree seem very large and impressive.  You can use Burlap, or Crystal vases too.  The sky is the limit, depending on the feel you are hoping to achieve.  Even just a few branches in a glass vase can have quite an impact.

Forgoing a tree altogether

Fireplace mantles are great for holiday decorations

Decorating a shelf or mantle with pine branches, garland, lights, and ornaments, can be a replacement to a tree.  Layering these items in varying heights is the way to achieve a look that will have you not even missing a Christmas tree.

Relocate Your Tree Outside

Relocating a tree outside is an option to save indoor space.
Relocating a tree outside is an option to save indoor space.

Relocating your tree outside is a great way to have the best of both worlds.  It saves space and greets you and your guests with holiday cheer throughout the season.  Be sure to use ornaments that are not easily breakable and use outdoor lighting!

Declutter and Stow Away

throw pillows with holiday and winter messages

One of the better ways to decorate a small space for the holiday is by replacing your throw pillows, picture frames, knick knacks,  and other ordinary home accessories with holiday accessories.  You can achieve this by storing ordinary items in the same bins you store your holiday items after you’ve unpacked them and stowing them away until after the holidays.  It creates too much eye clutter to leave all of the everyday decorative items out with the Holiday decorations.

Holiday Windows

Simple strung starry lights and holiday figurines add holiday cheer to this window
Use an existing curtain rod to hand wreathes using ribbons
large glass ornaments hanging from a curtain rod with ribbon

Using windows to decorate for the holidays is a great way to add Christmas cheer without using floor, counter, or any other common living space.  It also allows guest and passers by to enjoy your creativity as well!  Wreaths, garland, lights, window paint or markers, paper or glass ornaments are all great items you can use to decorate your windows.

That Holiday Scent

homemade potpourri smells and looks great!

Don’t forget about smell!  Candles, wax melters, or simmering a potpourri of holiday scents on the stove will make your home a welcoming and cozy space that is very inviting to your guests.  There are some great potpourri recipes on the internet.  Just remember things like cranberries, pine needles, cinnamon, cloves, oranges, and vanilla are things we all have lying around our spice cabinet at that holidays.  Put them to good use all throughout the season by creating a simmering pot you keep on the stove.  You can even reuse if you remember to refrigerate after you’ve steamed the aroma throughout the house.  Just label it well!!!  No one wants to accidentally drink it.

Holiday Themed Household Items

Simple holiday themed hand towels add cheer to the washroom.

Using every common room of the house is a great way to bring the feelings of the season to your family and guests. Towels in the bathroom for guests to use and simple window clings on a mirror add a Holiday touch without  being too expensive or taking up valuable space.

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