Spring Cleaning, A Top 11 List

Spring is right around the corner and you know what that means….. SPRING CLEANING! 

It can become pretty overwhelming at times so here is a list of the top 11 areas in your home that need a little sprucing after winter.


Ceiling Fans- The easiest way to clean a ceiling fan, is to take an old pillow case and spray the inside with pledge or any other furniture polish, and slip the case over the fan blade. Grab both sides of blade simultaneously and wipe. This will keep the dust inside the case, and when you are done you can just throw the pillow case into the washing machine.



Dust collects on the walls of our homes, not just on the surfaces of furniture. The easiest method to dust your walls is by using a clean broom and giving each wall a good swipe. Start at the top and work to the floor. Once dust has settled, vacuum or mop depending on the floor in the room you’re working in.



Both inside and out could probably use a good cleaning twice a year. Using a toothbrush for the track and a squeegee with an ammonia and water solution will make this go much quicker. Using a squeegee leaves windows streak free. Be sure to have rags to wipe excees water away. (Parson’s ammonia is a great all-purpose cleaner to have in your home.)


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Base boards

Unfortunately, there is no real hack or substitute for cleaning baseboards, other than a bucket of sudsy water and a rag. A Magic Eraser is great for scuffs. To make it go by quicker, and to save your knees, try making it a family chore! Music always makes cleaning more fun.


Cleaning Behind Furniture 

We tend to only vacuum around objects in our homes most of the year, but dust collects behind them as well. Which in turn will cause even non allergy sufferers to feel congested if not done at least twice a year. So move the entertainment center, dressers, and don’t forget to vacuum under your bed! Don’t forget the walls and baseboards back there as well.



In order to prolong the life of your mattress and ensure that you continue to sleep well, your mattress should be flipped twice per year. Be sure you don’t just flip it side to side but end to end as well. Doing this will help the mattress to wear more evenly. Giving your mattress a good vacuuming using the hose attachment, will also help the life of your mattress as well as ensuring a good night sleep. Our mattresses harbor loads of dust and because of that it becomes a haven for dust mites. If you don’t have a mattress pad, this would be a good investment. A mattress pad helps to keep the mattress clean from stains, and helps to prevent dust from settling into the mattress.



Be sure to empty the contents of the fridge, and check all expiration dates before returning contents back to the fridge. While you have your refrigerator emptied, wipe down every surface. Most refrigerator shelves and drawers are removable, this enables you to wipe down walls and floor of the refrigerator. A small bucket of sudsy bleach water will not only get it clean but help kill odor causing bacteria. Get a rag or sponge for wiping and another rag for drying. Paper towel works really well for removing any debris left behind. If you have a refrigerator in your garage don’t forget to clean that one out as well. Lastly, remember to vacuum the backside (coils) of your refrigerator to ensure it stays cooling properly. Also while you have it pulled out to vacuum, wipe down walls and mop floor. Dust and debris that accumulate underneath your refrigerator is surprising!



Our furniture needs a deep cleaning every six months. Particularly the pieces with heavy use, such as kitchen tables and chairs. A bucket of water and murphy’s oil soap will do the trick for most wood furniture. For laminate furniture a light mist of a spray bottle mixed with a soapy solution and a rag will work better. Never soak laminate furniture with a water or leave anything wet on top of it. It could cause the laminate or particle board to bubble. Always dry furniture after you have wiped it down with a dry rag in order to avoid water damage.



This is a good time of the year to pay attention to any grout in your home that needs some extra attention. Investing in a good grout brush and cleaner is a good idea. Also pay attention to any caulk that needs replaced. If you are unsure of how to replace grout, YouTube has a bunch of DIY tutorials. It is very simple if you have the right tools, don’t allow yourself to become intimidated by the task. Maintaining grout and caulk will help prevent water damage and will keep your home in good shape for many years to come.


Washing Machine & Dryer

Spring is a great time to wipe down both the inside and outside of your washer and dryer. If you have a High Efficiency washing machine, you may also want to use a washing machine tablet such as Afresh to rid any residue that has accumulated on the drum of the washing machine. These residues are the cause of most washing machine odors. A tip to keep your front loading washing machine odor free is to leave the door open after you have completed a load of laundry. Closing the door while the machine is wet, allows mold and mildew to grow. Be sure to clean your dryer vent, lint trap, and hose. Also check for clogs on the outside of the home where the vent exhaust escapes, clear any debris that has accumulated there. The dryer vent is a commonly neglected part of your home, and neglecting to clean it can result in a house fire. By using a shop vacuum and/or and air compressor can make this an easy job. Remember to clean the walls and floor behind and underneath these machines as well.


Furnace Filter

After you’ve done all the dusting and vacuuming, be sure to replace all your furnace filters, cold air returns, and vents. Using your vacuum cleaner attachment will help with these jobs tremendously. After vacuuming, if there is any dirt left behind use a damp rag to remove any other ground in dirt and dust. While you’re at it, you should probably replace your vacuum cleaners filter after you have completed this list, because you’ve just used it heavily!!


This list is not all inclusive, but it’s a good place to start. Our lives are so busy, and having lists are often helpful when you are unsure of where to start! Hope this is helpful! Happy Spring!



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