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Space Heater Safety in your Mobile Home

What can you do to protect your Mobile home?


With the arrival of cooler weather, space heaters are frequently used to help keep mobile homes warm. Space heaters are safe if used properly, but misuse can result in a major loss. Each year space heaters cause more than 21,800 residential fires and more than 300 deaths, per the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. (released data 2002)

What can you do to protect your Mobile home?

  1. Make sure your heater is correctly rated for your mobile home. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to provide sufficient combustion air to prevent carbon monoxide production. Be aware that manufactured homes require specially-designed heating equipment.
  2. Clear everything around the space heater within three feet, including furniture, curtains, and bedding.
  3. Always plug your heater directly into the wall. Surge protectors and extension cords can short out and start fires quickly.
  4. Place the space heater on a hard, level surface.
  5. Turn the space heater off when you go to sleep or leave your mobile home.
  6. Also purchasing a heater, you should always buy one with a tip-over safety switch that turns off heating element if the heater falls over.

It’s important to Always Monitor the heaters in your mobile home. Do not leave them running when you are not home or away from them, especially when you go to sleep. Also, keep a close eye on children and pets.

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